Hello everyone!

My name is Sravani and I’m proud to be a civil engineer homemaker who in turn shifted my career as a full time blogger.

I have done my Masters in Structural Engineering from Andhra University and worked as an Assistant Professor in JNTUK affiliated colleges.

I’m originally from the sacred land in Rayagada, but I currently reside in Bangalore.

I’m passionate about my core stream and would love to share my expertise in the relavant field. Being a full time mom made me think about my career plans in the technical stuff. It led me a new way to explore myself as a blogger to vent out the world regarding my primary niche. 

I’m really interested to deal with concepts which revolve around designs and analysis of structures such as buildings, roads,bridges etc and also about briefing on different engineering materials which are used in the construction.

I started this blog to discuss various structural aspects such as their reliability, behavior, and also to include the latest techniques used in the construction process in the most user-friendly manner to the readers.

I update my content as soon as possible, and I love to hear from my readers! Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at civilbloggar@gmail.com.