Royals who built Bridges

Engineering as an application of science was built from army research. Even before degrees were given and universities established, lot of unorganized practices existed in the form of Civil Engineering.

Wheel was the source of many inventions. That followed by many researchers and experts bring into many formula and applications. There is lot of difference between theory and practice in today’s world of building materials and civil construction methods.

This blog want to focus on different areas of fundamental to expert civil engineering practices and theory. For this, our initiative starts with Cement and Grouting. As we grow on we will add more topics in the next few months.

Our main mission is to bring Civil Engineering to the layman and student’s world, where one can understand the core concepts with easy diagrams (sourced from the net) and pin-point explanation. Our writer’s team are experienced Structural Engineering, who have done their post graduation from premier institutes.

I ask your shares and comments to promote our blog in all spheres of social media. The target audience is not limited to United States, Europe or Asia. It wants to bring all civil engineers to one platform as a worldwide audience.

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Palla Sridhar, M.Tech(Geotechnical Engg), IIT Kanpur, INDIA