Hello everyone,

I am Lahari Ramya. I have completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering with Machine design as specialization from JNTUK, Kakinada.

I currently reside in Visakhapatnam, Andhra pradesh. I began my career as an Assistant Professor and worked for an engineering institute affiliated to jntuk. 

My career has taken a break and made a significant transition from being working women to a homemaker and a realtime mom. 

Driven by passion for personal and professional growth made me restart my career as a full time content writer and render my technical stuff to this blog.

Having an experience as Assistant professor and as a research scholar under an Associate professor in an autonomous university for a couple of years made me capable of giving the right content in short and straight way, that would help even a common layman.

I’m interested in concepts like designs, advanced materials, various engineering advancements, innovations, applications, composite materials etc.

Both Civil and Mechanical engineering are interlinked core fields. In this blog we will discuss in brief different interlinked concepts of both the fields and is the best platform of core knowledge.

I’ll update the content as soon as possible, and  Glad to hear any queries , suggestions, or comments from the reader contact me at mecebloggs@gmail.com