Palla is the owner and mentor of this site. He developed the design and started it in 2013. I planned to incorporate content that is rich in resources useful to the general public. I wanted to make critical concepts like Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics easy to understand, even for the normal person researching the search engines. I have 20 years of experience in Teaching and Software field. I was affiliated with several engineering colleges as HOD and Associate Professor. I developed products for TCS, Miracle Software Systems and NIIT. I’m a mixture of IT and Civil Engineer.

I completed my education from S.F.S School Visakhapatnam and Bachelor of Technology, Civil Engineering from Bapatla Engineering College. I got good score in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test and Engineering) in 1997. I was admitted to IIT Kanpur in Geotechnical or Soil Mechanics specialization. There I got hold of several computing concepts, numerical methods and FEM. In addition I learnt about general usage of Windows and Unix. This helped to think I can do good work in both Civil and Computers.

I wanted to apply civil engineering concepts to IT field. But the time in teaching didn’t give me much leisure. So I had to leave the site as it is. My plan was to develop the site with the students of our colleges who are interested in IT and Computers and can explain Civil Engg. concepts. But that didn’t happen. Welcome 2023.

With the help of two of my colleagues who worked with me, I want to restart this blog and give fresh content that are useful to all walks of Civil Engineering life. We would like to produce FAQs, How-To guides, MCQs, competitive question and answers. university syllabus information, bits, codes, software resources, book resources and other info.