Grouting tiles often proves trickier than setting the tiles themselves, with improper installations causing frustrating cracks, stains, discoloration issues through factors like inadequate mixing, poor waterproofing, and using basic cement products unsuited for high moisture areas.

Fusion Pro grout answers that need with an advanced grout design blending uniform epoxy resins and cementitious compounds under tightly controlled conditions to create a ready-to-use, single component formula that cures into an incredibly stain-, crack-, and shrink-proof grout.

Fusion Pro’s simplified grouting procedure also speeds projects for tilers in shops, hotel lobbies, building entryways and other heavy traffic zones requiring durable, resilient finish work that maintains aesthetic appeal despite inevitable scuffs and scrapes over decades of wear.

What is Fusion Pro Grout?

Fusion Pro grout refers to a ready-to-use specialty grout product marketed by Custom Building Products for commercial and residential floor and wall tiling applications.

It utilizes patented technology blending epoxy resins with cementitious compounds to provide a durable grout with improved stain, crack, and shrink resistance compared to ordinary cement and epoxy grouts.

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Purpose of Fusion Pro Grout

The purpose of Fusion Pro grout is to deliver high-performance grouting suited for heavy duty commercial spaces as well as residential settings, overcoming common issues with staining, cracking, and high maintenance in high-traffic tile installations.

Its factory controlled blend cannot be replicated using field blending of separate components.

Types of Fusion Pro Grout

Fusion Pro offers over 40 standard grout color options with uniform pigment distribution.

It is available in Polyblend sanded formulations for joints 1/8” or larger, as well as non-sanded Versailles for smaller tile spacing.

Custom colors can also be produced. All versions provide durable commercial grade grouting.

Advantages of Fusion Pro Grout

Fusion Pro grout delivers:

  • Never needs sealing from stain intrusion
  • Resists efflorescence bloom
  • Crack and shrink proof; flexible yet strong
  • Easy clean up before cure
  • Smooth fast installation
  • No special mixing steps

These features simplify installations and reduce call backs.

Applications of Fusion Pro Grout

Commercial Kitchens – Fusion Pro’s stain resistance handles frequent chemical and food spills in high traffic restaurant kitchens. Durable performance even through daily mopping and degreasing.

Showrooms – The wide variety of consistent grout colors keeps retail showroom and sales floor tile looking sharp despite constant foot traffic and occasional gurney scratches.

Hospitals & Healthcare – Healthcare facilities depend on Fusion Pro’s mold/mildew resistance and uncompromising performance in areas dealing with chemicals and bodily fluids. Stands up to rigorous disinfecting.

Bathrooms & Showers – Its water repellency and crack proof flexibility handles high moisture bath/shower environments. Prevents staining issues in wet areas.

Schools & Universities – Heavy student traffic and messy spills make Fusion Pro’s durability and stain protection valuable grout attributes for classrooms, cafeterias and common walkways. Easy maintenance.

Exterior Applications – Outdoor areas and facades benefit from Fusion Pro’s color fastness, weatherability and freeze/thaw resilience for lasting beauty.

Fusion Pro reliably serves high load applications prone to water, staining potential, impacts and other threats that compromise lesser quality grouts.

How to Apply Fusion Pro Grout

  1. Prepare the tile joints completely before mixing grout. Ensure joints are clean, uniformly sized, and square down full depth.
  2. Use typical mixing methods for Fusion Pro by adding water little by little to reach a smooth, lump-free masonry grout consistency. Don’t make too runny or soup-like.
  3. Fully pack joints using a rubber grout float or squeegee, ensuring no gaps, voids or cracks remain unfilled. Hold the float at a 45 degree angle to avoid pulling out grout.
  4. Once sections are fully packed, go back and smooth grout uniformly across tile faces to compact tightly. Remove any high spots or uneven lines.
  5. Allow grout to firm up partially for 30-60 minutes after smoothing. Then use a damp sponge in a light circular motion to start clearing off remaining surface haze/film from tile faces without digging into joints.
  6. After initial cleaning, wait at least 60 minutes before any additional sponging, rinsing or wiping. Avoid excess moisture exposure on fresh grout lines for 72 hours.

Following product guidelines, allow full 7 day cure before intensive washing or commercial use. Ensure proper subsurface drying before applying any sealers if desired.

Fusion Pro Grout Colors

Fusion Pro offers a huge range of consistent grout colors – from bright whites to earth tones to grays.

Uniform pigment distribution ensures reliable coloring with no blotchiness.

Custom tint matching also available.


Fusion Pro grout succeeds by blending the best aspects of epoxy and cementitious grouts into a ready-to-use single component formula needing no special handling or tricky mixing procedures.

With strong, flexible grout joints guaranteed in any color desired, Fusion Pro stands poised to become a go-to solution for tilers needing to deliver durable, heavy traffic tile installations.

And with application no harder than working with standard grouts, transitioning to this advanced pro-tier option pays dividends for commercial and residential projects alike by reducing callbacks and long-term maintenance needs. Simply a superior grout meeting modern demands.

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