Once grout lines become stained, discolored and loaded with years of accumulated grime and bacteria.

The prospect of renovating all that grout can feel quite daunting, when faced such problems

Steam cleaning now enables almost any discolored or bacteria-laden grout to be revitalized at a fraction the cost of complete replacement.

Steam cleaning grout presents a godsend – deeply infusing extremely hot pressurized dry vapor into every unseen pore of grout lines, naturally blasting out decades of built-up contaminants.

Then simultaneously utilizing vacuum extraction to leave surfaces clean, dry, stain-free, and sanitized.

Using specialized accessories, adapt this technique to target all grout types, locations, and severities of damage.

What is Steam Clean Grout?

Steam cleaning grout refers to using a specialized steam generating device to clean dirt, stains, and debris out of existing grout lines between tiles.

High temperature vaporized steam penetrates into grout pores, dissolving grime which is then extracted using vacuuming along with brass brush attachments.

steam clean grout

Purpose of Steam Clean Grout

The purpose of steam cleaning tile grout is to deep clean and revitalize stained, dirty grout lines without using harsh chemicals.

Steam forces open pores, lifts out years of built-up contaminants that make grout appear dark and discolored. This restores brightness and uniform appearance to grout without damage.

Steam cleaning enables grout to be preserved longer before full regrouting becomes necessary, saving costs. It eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and mold in grout when done properly.

Choosing a Steam Cleaner for Grout

Look for a grout steam cleaner offering:

  • Adjustable steam flow up to 295°F
  • Vacuum extraction
  • Variety of brush attachments
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Portability with wheels

Higher steam temps increase cleaning efficacy but risk tile damage if uncontrolled. Brush heads effectively scrub grout lines.

Vacuuming ensures lifted grime gets captured. Larger water reservoirs reduce refilling downtime. Wheels aide maneuvering.

Professional grout steam cleaners cost $300-$1000 but save re-grouting costs.

How to Steam Clean Grout

Steam cleaning grout involves:

  1. Pre-soak grout with clean water
  2. Apply steam vapor directly onto lines
  3. Use brushes to agitate grout and lift contaminants
  4. Simultaneously extract suspended grime using vacuum
  5. Wipe clean with microfiber cloth

Pre-soaking expands grout pores for improved steam penetration. Steady back-and-forth brushing then drives out deeply embedded substances. Test steam cleaning in inconspicuous area first.

applications of steam clean grout

Steam Cleaning Bathroom Grout

Bathroom environments breed all kinds of grime, mildew and soap scum buildup within grout over time, discoloring and staining lines. Steam cleaning restores clean, uniform, bright grout appearance by flushing out years of accumulated gunk.

Focus steam cleaning on dirty grout around sinks, showers, tubs and along floor perimeter tile. Adjust brushes to match different joint widths. Extracted water leaves no puddles or slippery surfaces.

Steam Cleaning Kitchen Grout

Kitchens present especially grimy grout cleaning challenges with all manner of food, grease and beverages dripping onto the floors over years.

Fortunately steam cleaning dissolves caked layers of kitchen grease, fats, food debris that have been ground into floor grout for possibly decades. This averts the need to fully dig out and replace grout.

steam cleaning grout -kitchen

Steam Cleaning Shower Grout

Using steam on shower grout removes soap scum deposits, mildew, mold that typically infest moist grout lines. These bacteria laden contaminants create ugly dark streaks in grout plus potential health issues.

Steam cleaning showers both sanitizes and beautifies grout lines in a single operation. Ensure good ventilation during cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Floor Grout

Floor grout endures the heaviest abuse and shows it through dingy appearance. Yet replacing all floor grout entails jackhammering at significant expense and disruption.

Here steam cleaning to the rescue restores floor grout to like-new condition at a fraction of replacement cost. Ensure complete steam extraction to leave floors dry.

Steam Cleaning Wall Grout

Wall grout typically receives less wear than floor grout but still benefits greatly from steam cleaning. Steam rejuvenates dingy lines around switchplates, outlets, countertop backsplashes and any tiled verticals. Adjust tools to target wall grout properly.

Cleaning Grout Before Re-grouting

Before undertaking full grout removal and regrouting, use steam cleaning to maximize preservation of existing grout. Steam flushes out up to 20 years of contaminant buildup. This allows good grout to last longer before requiring complete replacement.

First attempt steam cleaning on salvageable discolored or stained grout before assuming full regrouting is unavoidable. The cleaning results may surprise.

Steam Cleaning Discolored Grout

Even seriously discolored sanded grout with dark stained lines or blotchy areas can benefit remarkably from steam cleaning rather than immediate tearing out and re-grouting.

Steam’s high temperature loosens and dissolves many common grout stains that have penetrated deep into the pores over time. Simultaneous vacuuming ensures thorough contaminant removal.

Steam Cleaning Moldy Grout

Grout becoming infiltrated with mold or mildew presents health issues and visual blight. Mold may keep recurring unless fully killed.

Here steam cleaning offers a chemical-free anti-mold treatment (around 295°F guaranteed to terminate mold) that leaves grout sanitized. Ensure thorough steam penetration and extraction.


With grout steam cleaning capability now accessible and affordable for public use,preserve beautiful clean grout longer without extensive regrouting. Target all grout types and locations.

Customize accessories to optimize results. Save installation cost and disruption.

When other cleaners and re-grouting fail, see how steam cleaning restores grout from nearly black to like-new bright, uniform whiteness again through simple heat energy. No caustic chemicals. The results can seem miraculous.

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