When it comes to durable and versatile concrete solutions, Stoneway stands out as an industry leader. For over 30 years, their team of experts has offered specialized concrete services utilizing innovative techniques and advanced technologies.

Whether you require simple concrete slabs for a patio or intricate concrete molds and stamps for custom landscaping, Stoneway has the skill and experience to bring your vision to life.

Their proprietary line of Stoneway concrete mixes and coloring agents empower you to choose from various stoneway concrete colors while still ensuring superior strength and longevity compared to basic concrete.

Additional factors like precise calculators to estimate required amounts and competitive stoneway concrete prices make them a cost-effective provider for both residential and commercial projects. With a 5-year warranty and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction,

Stoneway Concrete Contractors offer unparalleled quality, customization flexibility, and value when installing new concrete countertops, creating modern designs with creative stoneway concrete stamps, or constructing large-scale commercial spaces.

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What is Stoneway Concrete?

Stone-way concrete refers to a specialized type of concrete made using the Stoneway company’s proprietary techniques and mixture ingredients.

The key characteristics of stoneway concrete include high durability, aesthetic appeal with customizable colors and textures, as well as strength to withstand heavy use in residential or commercial projects.

Stone-way concrete mix

Stoneway concrete mix contains Portland cement, coarse and fine mineral aggregates like gravel and sand, water, and Stoneway’s exclusive admixtures.

These additional ingredients help control setting times and reduce shrinkage cracks. The mix can then be further enhanced with stoneway concrete colors, stamps, stains, etc.

This makes stone-way concrete ideal for decorative applications like countertops, flooring, landscaping, and signage.

Stoneway Concrete Construction Steps

Constructing anything out of concrete involves careful planning, preparation, and step-by-step methods.

Here is an overview of key stoneway concrete construction steps:

  • Site evaluation and project planning
  • Grade and prepare the site area
  • Build proper forms and reinforcement for support
  • Estimate and purchase necessary amounts of stoneway concrete mix
  • Mix concrete batches using Stone-way’s guidelines
  • Transport and place concrete into forms
  • Level, smooth, and finish the concrete using tools like floats and trowels
  • Apply any final stoneway concrete stamps or coloring if required
  • Allow adequate curing time before removing forms
  • Seal and protect finished concrete surface

Having specialized stoneway concrete contractors handle these construction steps is recommended to ensure correct techniques and the best final results.

Applications of Stoneway Concrete

The versatility and aesthetic potential of stone-way concrete solutions make them suitable for diverse applications including:

Here is an expanded section on the applications of Stone-way concrete:

Decorative Concrete Countertops

  • Stone-way concrete delivers durability and ease of maintenance similar to natural stone, but at a fraction of the price.
  • When cast into customized concrete countertops and accentuated with creative edges, embedded materials, or stone-way concrete colors, it creates one-of-a-kind kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Polished stoneway concrete floors infuse spaces with a modern, sleek look. The grinding and polishing process exposes the aggregate and creates stunning variations in the floor’s sheen. It can withstand heavy commercial foot traffic in spaces like warehouses, airports, retail shops etc.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

  • Through stamping and staining techniques, stoneway concrete can be transformed into stylish patio pavers, pool deck surrounds, driveways etc.
  • Available in multiple stone-way concrete colors, realistic stamp patterns like stone, brick, wood, and tile can also be embossed into the concrete.

Structural Concrete

  • While known for decorative applications, stone-way concrete mixes also deliver enhanced strength and longevity compared to standard concrete.
  • This makes it suitable for structural building elements like concrete walls, columns, foundations, stone-way concrete slabs etc.

Outdoor Landscaping Features

  • The weather and wear-resistance of stone-way concrete allows it to be molded into endless outdoor landscaping features.
  • These include planters, garden stepping stones, retaining walls with custom patterns, outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands etc.

Stoneway Concrete Cost

Stoneway concrete prices vary based on the size and complexity of a project, local labor and material rates, and other factors. However, stoneway concrete is generally competitively priced, with average installed costs ranging from $8 – $12 per square foot.

Exact stone-way concrete material and construction calculators are offered on their website to provide customized price estimates for prospective clients’ specific projects. Detailed quotes can also be obtained from stone-way concrete sales representatives.


With its strength, aesthetic versatility, and competitive pricing, Stoneway Concrete has much to offer within the construction industry.

Integrating proprietary techniques and mixtures enables them to deliver innovative yet durable decorative concrete applications for both residential and commercial spaces.

By leveraging stone-way concrete solutions, engineers and architects can elevate their designs while ensuring optimal structural performance. Contact stone-way concrete contractors today to bring your unique concrete visions to life.

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